Reka Ujj

Small to Middle Market Companies Division



Reka Ujj has been the head of the Small to Middle Market Companies Division of Business Computer Accounting, Inc. since 2004. She is in charge of the corporate, partnership, and LLC clients. Let’s not forget about the non-profit organizations she serves, too. She offers services to clients as wide or as narrow as they need.

Reka provides software support, even over the phone. “I am always trying to solve my clients’ software problems as soon as it is possible. More often than not, when I receive a phone call about a software problem, I am able to solve it right away. Other times I will get back to my clients after researching the matter” – says she. She is the one to ask questions about QuickBooks, Creative Solutions Accounting, PowerChurch Plus, and even Microsoft Excel or Word.

Reka was born and raised in Hungary. She will never be able to loose her accent. None of her clients will complain about not understanding her – she will always make sure that she expresses herself in plain English.


Reka enjoys time spent with her husband (Laszlo), grown-up son (Bence), and almost-adult daughter (Eniko). The whole family enjoys traveling together for a vacation or a visit to Hungary.





Education and Associations

  • Member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA)
  • Member of the following sessions of FICPA:
    • Federal Corporate Taxation
    • Federal Individual Taxation
    • State Taxation
  • Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Bachelor of Science Degree – Accounting 2003 University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL
  • Master of Sciences – High School Teacher of Mathematics and Physics 1984 Hungary, Szeged








Contact    Reka Ujj

  • Phone:           (850) 456 - 0144
  • Fax:               (850) 456 - 0147
  • Email:             Reka Ujj
  • Address:         434 South Navy Blvd.
  •                      Pensacola, FL 32507